A big frog

Honestly I have too many names but call me Taylor.

I'm really gay.

Heya. I'm Taylor, I'm 20. I live in the UK and I'm trans. I have so many chronic illnesses it isn't funny anymore. Please don't expect me to reply immediately.

You'll probably either know me from Tumblr or Mastodon! I linked my stuff at the bottom of this page.

My pronouns are he/him or they/them!

Quick facts, for the bored:
I knit every dayI mod too many Discord serversI'm tiredI love napsI'm lactose intolerantI have approximately 53 Fursonas.
My pals include, but certainly aren't limited to:
Andy (I smooch this dude every day) Chevy (A great Canadian pal. Draws on their iPhone like a REAL MAN.)Brian (Their art is blessed and so are their Ocs.)Finn (Hey Finn, ur gay!)

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